You Might Be a Mom to Bad Sleepers If...

You Might Be a Mom to Bad Sleepers If...

You might be a mom of bad sleepers if….

-Sleep regressions are laughable to you, because your child came out of the womb regressed.

-You talk to other moms about sleep and they casually mention the 13+ hours of sleep their child got the night before, and the first thought in your mind is can we still be friends if I punch them? And the second thought is what backwoods magic are they practicing?

-Even worse they complain about the rough night they had when their baby woke up 2 times or how rough it was that they only napped one hour yesterday, and you start ugly crying, like Kim Kardashian style. 

-The tears you’ve cried over sleep could float the Titanic.

-You’ve fantasized about running away at 2 A.M.

-You’ve learned the hard way to NEVER under any circumstance, say aloud, “they are finally sleeping better,” because as sure as the endless supply of coffee in your exhausted cup, they will regress….again.

-You’ve fantasized about running away at 2 A.M.

-Your Google search history has things like, “normal baby sleep patterns”, “is my baby broken?”, “will my baby ever sleep?”, “can a 12 month old actually be a nocturnal creature?” and “how much is a plane ticket to Aruba?”

 -You can undoubtably tell when your child is sick, because they actually napped.

-The words, “go the eff to sleep,” have either been said aloud or at least crossed your mind on many many occasions.

-You wake up at 1 AM in complete confidence that it has to be morning already.

-You wake up from another night of sleep looking like you stepped off the set of The Walking Dead.

-Musical beds is your children(s) favorite game.

-You understand why sleep deprivation is used a form of torture.

 -When talking with other moms of bad sleepers you play the one-up game to see who really has the worst sleeper in the world, because you’re convinced, it's you. Also, it should really come with some trophy or at least a gift certificate for a kid-free night at a hotel.

 -You constantly wonder how in the actual heck your child can survive, and thrive, off so little sleep.

-You can’t wait to pay them back as teenagers with lots of early morning wake-ups.

-You lie about how much they sleep (always rounding up) at the pediatrician’s office for fear you might look like a bad mom.


We have all faced sleepless nights, so I know every mom can relate to these, some more than others. As much as we know it’s just a season, the night feels like it will last f.o.r.e.v.e.r. I often wonder why God gave me this lot in life. My earnest prayer is that these long years of poor sleep is shaping me. As I sat with my sweet baby in my arms at nap-time today (because she absolutely didn’t want to be put down, of course), God quietly whispered to me, “this is the most important job I will ever give you and it will be the foundation for all the things I ask you to do in the future.” So I soaked in some extra cuddles, thanking God that I am able to enjoy them for this moment in time.


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