Dear Momma, See the Wonder

Dear Momma, See the Wonder

Eyes fixated to the skies, fingers lifted pointing in unison, voices raised echoing with genuine delight. My daughters’ had discovered the moon was visible in the daylight sky. Reflected in their eyes was a simple, yet profound sense of wonder. The moon, something we often overlook. Something we take for granted that disappears and reappears daily. It’s commonplace to us, but to our children, it is new, awe-filled, and something they want to know more about.

Wonder is defined as:


  1. a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.


  1. desire or be curious to know something.

To think of a time in recent memory, when I was filled with wonder is disappointingly hard to recall. As a mom, my life revolves around the most wonder-filled and wonder-ful things in the world, my children. Yet, I don’t allow myself to feel wonder. To be so saturated with it, like my girls, that my world stops spinning, tunes out the noise, and my sole focus is my source of wonder.

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One of the reasons my daughters love the moon is they have been taught to. Every time we see the moon, we sing a song together, “I see the moon, and the moon sees me. God bless the moon, and God bless me!” Wonder is born inside of us, because we are God’s image bearers. And God, well he loves to marvel at His creation.

But, somewhere as we grow, the wonder inside of us diminishes, like the faded colors in a favorite shirt. Sweet momma, we have to embrace the wonder that our children so freely give. We have to recapture, and relearn, the childlike amazement of our world. Trust me, if you are lacking any, just look in the eyes of your children, you will find a depth of wonder each and everyday. It is a well that doesn’t seem to run dry for them.

I reflect back on my brief years as a mom. Big moments of amazement rush through my mind, like water bringing my dry bones back life. Things like seeing the positive sign on the pregnancy test, the tiniest fingers wrapping themselves around mine , the sound of the first “mama”, the jubilation of first steps, the first solo bike ride, or the joy of my daughter finally writing her name. Firsts are monumental, and should be treated with a special sense of wonder, but I want to be like my child. I want to find wonder in the simple everyday. I want the word momma to feel amazing, even if it's the 57th time I’ve heard it this hour. I want to see the wonder in the, “look what I can do,” even after the 12th viewing. Or find amusement in fulfilling the curious, “why” over and over and over again.


I want to see wonder, especially when it’s mundane. Mundane moments often chip away our meaning. They strip us down and make us weary. My soul hungers for more wonder. It wants to be awakened to childlike curiosity. It’s all around, we just have to cultivate that seeking spirit inside us. We have to take the time as moms, to pause for those brief moments and feel wonder when our busy minds say no.

We have to say yes to wonder. Open our eyes to God’s everyday miracles. Like the sunshine dancing it’s rays on our child as they play outside. Or the way they smile when they think we aren’t watching. Wonder builds gratitude and joy. And I know I need an abundant amount of both to fuel my long days of motherhood.

Last week, I got the privilege to see my precious three year old worshiping during her classes’ group time at church. She was dancing and singing her little heart out. Nothing was hindering her joyful soul. In quiet observation my eyes welled with tears, spilling out the wonder I so desperately needed. As a sign from heaven above, she looked over and blew me the sweetest kiss. Dear momma, I pray that you are able to take pause, and see the wonder.

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