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You Can't Shine From a Dirty Brush - The Cleansing Power of Jesus

I’m going to admit something that some might completely cringe at….I am not good at changing out the scrub sponge on my dish brush. Its some where around the time the smell of mildew hits my nose that I figure it might be time for a new one. Today I was frantically scrubbing my daughter’s favorite cup, because she demanded that no other would do, and I started thinking about the possibility of that sponge being tainted with colonies of germs.

Humility - The New Marriage Vows

 The traditional marriage vows should be amended to include, “I promise to practice humility daily.” Pride is a nagging shadow I can’t seem to outrun most days. I don’t set out with the intention of letting my pride win again, but I open my mouth and my words are tainted with selfishness.

The Light of the Eyes

 How the mind connects to our emotions is completely fascinating to me. During a tough day this week I posted a picture saying that eye contact was feeling way too hard. That prompted me to read about the science behind looking each other in the eyes.

The Soul Shaking Change - Becoming a Mommy

The season of being a mom to littles is not always easy. Our identity as a woman shifts from selfish desires to self sacrificing love for our children. Even though we spend nine months trying to prepare, it takes a single second for everything to change. I don’t want to downplay the overwhelming joy, because it’s there and it’s raw and incredible, but there really isn’t a way to prepare for the soul shaking changes. The first few years of life our babies are in a constant state of growth.

Divine Rest

God calls us to rest. That word is mentioned thousands of times in scripture, so it must be important. As I set out to understand what it means to seek divine rest, I came across a sister blog. A sweet East Texas momma Ester Anderson said, “There is one expression that is often used by Spanish speaking moms: “Santo silencio” which translates to holy or sacred silence.” Goodness, I need some sacred silence in my life.