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Sometimes a Number is Just a Number - Quality Over Quantity

I love when people pose a question or a thought that just makes me slam on the breaks. Here I am foot firmly on the gas and they toss a ball into the road of my thoughts. Its in those hard asked questions, those thought provoking statements that I dig deep into who and what I believe in. Over and over this week God has been putting these conversations in my path and its really got me thinking about quality over quantity.


We are so guilty as a society of craving quantity over quality. We consume, consume, consume and then want more. We use our bank account to measure the success of our business, we use a number on a scale to measure our physical worth, we use the number of social media friends/followers to measure our like-ability, we use the amount of possessions we own to measure our worth, we use the number of women in our mom tribe to measure our value as a friend. A constant math equation is calculating in our minds to reach the final number we long for, yet we always come up short.