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Rinse and Repeat - Learning to Repent

Fortunately, I haven’t been victim of this...yet, but many friends have the horror stories of their toddlers getting into things they shouldn’t; an entire soap bottle, a dirty diaper, permanent markers, jars of peanut butter, or mommas makeup to name a few. The things they know they shouldn’t be playing with, yet it’s so enticing to those little minds. Once they get a small taste of it, the moment of fun becomes intoxicating, so much that they can’t seem to stop. Then momma, the grim reaper of fun, comes in and brings an end to the disastrous amusement. Their cute faces are laden with guilt, but the discipline is sure to come next.

Breaking Up With Convictions

Sometimes I just want to scream, “ENOUGH ALREADY, I AM DONE WITH ALL THE CONVICTION!” As I press the rewind button and review how its all unfolding I realize I am swiping up, dismissing the Holy Spirit, and falling back into the trap of comfortably doing it alone. In the Psalms David gives us a grave warning about this, “You refuse my discipline and treat my words like trash.” Ouch, I send God to voicemail so often my mailbox is full!