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Making Love My Heartsong

Emotionally this has been a trying week for me. There isn’t a big storm cloud in my life, nothing catastrophic has come my way, but I seem to be making mountains out of my molehills in all areas of my life. Usually I will take that burden and throw it over my shoulder like a backpack filled of stones and let it weigh me down until I am utterly exhausted.  My prayer tonight was, God take these stones, unpack these burdens and give me a new perspective.

You Can't Shine From a Dirty Brush - The Cleansing Power of Jesus

I’m going to admit something that some might completely cringe at….I am not good at changing out the scrub sponge on my dish brush. Its some where around the time the smell of mildew hits my nose that I figure it might be time for a new one. Today I was frantically scrubbing my daughter’s favorite cup, because she demanded that no other would do, and I started thinking about the possibility of that sponge being tainted with colonies of germs.