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Dear Momma, See the Wonder

Eyes fixated to the skies, fingers lifted pointing in unison, voices raised echoing with genuine delight. My daughters’ had discovered the moon was visible in the daylight sky. Reflected in their eyes was a simple, yet profound sense of wonder. The moon, something we often overlook. Something we take for granted that disappears and reappears daily. It’s commonplace to us, but to our children, it is new, awe-filled, and something they want to know more about.

Dear Momma, Find the Joy

Bad days as a mom stick out like a negative Yelp review. You could have 100 raving reviews, but that singular bad one has a powerful sting. I can vividly remember some of my worst days as a mom, the ones filled with yelling, tears, and darkness. If I let myself, I can start to erase the good memories by allowing the lousy ones linger in my mind a little too long. Before I let that bitterness start to taint my view of motherhood, I am reminded of a song. “Open up my eyes in wonder and show me who You are.” When the weight of motherhood is too much, I want to be awakened to the wonder of it, because I know that it is there where God is revealing who He is to us in an intimate way.

When Your Quiet Time Isn’t So Quiet - Cultivating Time with God and Littles

The dawn is beginning to pour in through the shutters and they dance in heavenly beams on the pages of my well worn Bible, the words of my Heavenly Father are coming to life in me one syllable at a time, my pen is furiously pouring out its ink onto the pages of my journal in a worshipful prayer to Him. This is my idea of a perfect quiet time with the Lord. One not interrupted by the whines of a toddler or the cries of a baby. One with a warm mug of coffee in hand, not a half drank cup barely hanging on to any of its warmth from the 5th reheating. One not done in the glowing ambiance of toys wildly scattered around me. But this is my reality right now with little ones.

You Might Be a Mom to Bad Sleepers If...

-Sleep regressions are laughable to you, because your child came out of the womb regressed.

-Your Google search history has things like, “normal baby sleep patterns”, “is my baby broken?”, “will my baby ever sleep?”, “can a 12 month old actually be a nocturnal creature?” and “how much is a plane ticket to Aruba?” 

We have all faced sleepless nights, so I know every mom can relate to these, some more than others. As much as we know it’s just a season, the night feels like it will last f.o.r.e.v.e.r. I often wonder why God gave me this lot in life. My earnest prayer is that these long years of poor sleep is shaping me. As I sat with my sweet baby in my arms at nap-time today (because she absolutely didn’t want to be put down, of course), God quietly whispered to me, “this is the most important job I will ever give you and it will be the foundation for all the things I ask you to do in the future.” So I soaked in some extra cuddles, thanking God that I am able to enjoy them for this moment in time.