I love creating resources to help you find ways to weave your faith through everyday of your life. Each resource I create will be housed here, in our resource library. All of these resources are available for immediate download. So you can just click on the image you want and print! This page is here to serve you, so if there is a way I can make it better or a resource you’d love for me to create for you, send me a note and let me know!


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As a mom the realities of my role crashed violently with the expectations I so naively crafted in my mind of what motherhood would look like.

In this 7-day devotional we will discover together that the gap between our expectations and experiences as a mom is the space where we can run desperately to God.

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Sweet momma, I know that some days just seem a lot more messy than others. Whether you're 2 outfits deep after yet another baby diaper blowout, mid-toddler meltdown, crying over a sink-full of dishes or huddled in a closet counting down the minutes until bedtime you can turn this messy moment over to God.

Use this to help you find grace in 60 seconds. My prayer is that this precious one minute will multiply grace for you. 

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