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It’s the season again, for many of us the crisp autumn air means that warm familiar taste of the infamous pumpkin spice latte. The feeling you get when that first sip hits your tongue can be intoxicating, filling your body with a warm pumpkin hug. I am guilty of indulging in the PSL craze just as much as the next person, but as I found myself yesterday in the drive thru once again only to be filled with disappointment as the barista glumly tells me, “we are out of pumpkin spice.” I started to make some hard realizations. My internal reaction was like that of my 11 month old unable to find her beloved Minnie Mouse doll. My day felt doomed and my heart felt empty.

Momma Interruptions and My Irritated Heart

No one warned me that my life as a mom would be one constant interruption. I cannot remember that last time I completed a full thought. Every conversation is plagued with cries, demands and mispronounced words from little’s ones. Often I give up in scatterbrain defeat. Discovering my triggers are essential for me, and I have found that one of my biggest one's is interruptions.