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Dear Momma, Say Yes to the Mess

Shredded cheese was flying all over my kitchen. My girls were throwing it around like confetti, and the dogs were receiving it like manna from heaven. Squeals of pure delight were echoing loudly off the walls. They had managed to turn pizza making night into a full blown party. As I took the scene in, I realized the only one not enjoying this unplanned festivity was me, mommy the party pooper.

Momma, You Aren't Alone - Finding Joy in Our Mundane

Being a momma to two terrible napping, big emotion feeling, stubborn, sensitive girls I can say there are a lot of truths I’ve butted heads with, and a lot of them have more to do with me than with them. You see I’ve been there with you in the trenches, feeling like when will I ever be able to take a bite without being beckoned or will the day of clothing browsing without an agenda come back? Those are small in comparison to the thoughts that scream at me in the middle of the night like – why does my child hate sleep? Are we seriously done taking naps before 2 years old? How in the world do other moms do it, I can barely get a shower! So I beg my mind to sprint away from those thoughts only to jump into the rabbit hole that is my mommy pity party. A part of my battle scars, besides my permanently bruised legs, is a wisdom learned from the classroom of mommyhood. Here are a few pieces of wisdom that I wish I was telling you over a quiet cup of coffee, but I for now moments between the cries of your children on a small illuminated screen will have to do.