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Dear Momma, You Aren't Stuck

As a teenager the allure of danger was too strong for this boy crazy girl. Adventure was strongly ingrained in me by my dad, so when my guy friends called and said, “hey, let’s use your jeep to go mudding,” my weak heart couldn’t say no. Of course there were my mom’s sensible alarm bells ringing in my head, but somewhere along the teenage path I learned to tune those out.

We took my non 4x4 jeep to a field ripe with fresh soaked rain and held on tight. With every quick turn of the wheel we were all shouting with delight. As the wheels spun, my inclination of disaster rolled away. I’m sure you can tell where this story ended, how our fun was cut abruptly short - we got stuck. Not just a let the boys give it a good ol’ push and we’re free stuck, it was an uh-oh we are going to have to call our parents for rescuing stuck. I’ll save the comical details of that for another post.